Welcome Remarks

Dear colleague, dear friend

In the middle of a global terrible situation and after almost one year of incredible resilience, we take this opportunity to give you a warm welcome to the XI Edition of the Congress New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine an organization of the Association for Research and Development of the Faculty of Medicine (AIDFM) involving the whole team of the Heart and Vessels Department of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte (CHULN), Academic Medical Center of Lisbon, Cardiovascular Centre of the University of Lisbon (CCUL).

The main aim of this Congress is to provide an atmosphere that will encourage an open discussion around the most recent issues in the field of cardiovascular medicine in an overly broad sense, that will keep us together pursuing the best strategies to improve medical practice. In the special context of COVID-19 pandemic, we had no option than to adopt a virtual model, in order to adapt to the current conditions, at the same time we kept our commitment to organize an annual gathering, this time totally virtual. This year we have 17 international and 70 national speakers that will focus on some of the hot topics in cardiovascular medicine, including cardiac and vascular surgery. During three days these national and international specialists will be joining us, sharing their knowledge and certainly contributing to great and enlightening discussions. As usual, it will be an opportunity to show some of the last developments of the department as well as present several of the ongoing research projects.

We are very thankful to all our speakers, sponsors and particularly our audience to whom this congress is organized.

We are confident that this edition, despite the special conditions under which is organized, will be again a wonderful opportunity to share scientific knowledge and clinical experiences, to help to improve patient management. All this in the unique setting of a digital congress, that we invite you to explore and enjoy.

All the best

Fausto Pinto, Ângelo Nobre, Luís Mendes Pedro
Course Directors
Heart and Vessels Department, CHULN, CAML, CCUL, FMUL, Universidade de Lisboa