Afonso Nunes Ferreira
Telemonitoring in Heart - Failure: models and results
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Ana Mineiro
Hipertensão Pulmonar Grupo 3
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Andreia Magalhães
Insuficiência Cardíaca no doente oncológico – o que há de novo?
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António de Marvão
Titin-truncating variants affect heart function in disease cohorts and the general population
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Carla Sá Pereira
Hipertensão Pulmonar - Intervenção de enfermagem em contexto ambulatório
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Joana Rigueira
Mind, brain and heart failure - a prognostic interdependence
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João Agostinho
A comprehensive follow-up programme of HF patients after hospital discharge: exequible capital gain?
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Lino Patrício
In 2018 TAVI will be the leading treatment for aortic stenosis and will become the Gold Standard for the treatment of this disease
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Manuela Fiúza
Radioterapia Torácica e Envolvimento Cardíaco – ainda há risco?
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Rui Plácido
Hipertensão Pulmonar em números
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